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COMPSCI 682 Neural Networks: A Modern Introduction


The assignments are due just before midnight, at 11:55pm, unless otherwise specified. You will hand in the assignments electronically through Moodle.
Late Policy:
  • You can use 7 late days, with up to 3 late days per assignment.
  • Once you have used all 7 late days, penalty is 25% for each additional late day.
  • We will use your latest submission for grading and for calculating your late day usage.
  • There is no bonus if you don't use late days at all.
AssignmentDue DateDescription
Assignment #1 2/13(Tue) 11:55pm Image Classification, kNN, SVM, Softmax, Neural Network
Assignment #2 3/8(Thu) 11:55pm 3/19(Mon) 11:55pm Fully-Connected Nets, Batch Normalization, Dropout, Convolutional Nets
Assignment #3 4/12(Thu) 11.55pm 4/19(Thu) 11.55pm Image Captioning, Fooling Images, Image Generation